Dear Visitor,


We would like to welcome you on behalf of the organisers of the Olympic qualifying 2019 FIE World Fencing Championships. We honestly believe that – similarly to the 2013 event that was also organised in Hungary’s capital – we can again provide a memorable experience to the competing fencers, their masters, staff members, visiting spectators and television viewers.


The stake is big for multiple reasons. The event held between 15 and 23 July will qualify for the Olympics: in this fantastic and venerable sport, the road to Tokyo passes through Budapest.


This event is extremely important for us as well. The international federation, the participating delegations and the visiting spectators all remember the 2013 Budapest World Championships with appreciations regarding the hospitality of the Hungarian capital. Budapest has set the bar high then, and we will not lower it this time either.


We are waiting for you on the “hottest” days of next summer in our beautiful capital.


With regards:

The organisers of the 2019 FIE World Fencing Championships

Dear Friends in Sports,


We may all feel proud again, as Hungary is once more hosting a great global event: after 2013, Budapest will be the venue of the 2019 FIE World Fencing Championships one more time, and altogether it is the 8th occasion that this city welcomes the best fencers of the world.


We continue the series that we started several years ago: Hungary has organised numerous European- and World Championships. I am confident that – similarly to previous years’ global events – the organisers of the 2019 FIE World Fencing Championships will pass this test with excellent results and will prove that we Hungarians can perfectly organise such an important event.


Fencing is one of the most successful and most popular sports in Hungary with outstanding accomplishments and results at the past Olympic Games and World Championships. Today’s best athletes are following the footsteps of their forerunners: Olympic and World Champions will compete in Budapest as members of the national team.


Hungarian fencing has been successful so far and we feel certain about its future too as younger generations are producing good results too: some of them already setting foot successfully among the seniors.


As an important step of Olympic qualification, the 2019 FIE World Fencing Championships will attract major attention: the support of the local audience in such a key competition may double the energy of athletes.


I hope that the world’s best fencers will compete in an outstanding atmosphere created by a high number of Hungarian spectators.


There is a lot of work to be carried out before the start of the 2019 FIE World Fencing Championships that will be held between 15 and 23 July: fencers and their masters will do their best in the fencing hall, while the organisers will continue to work in order to present top-quality World Championships for the world and for Hungary.


I wish them all the best, keep going on!


Tünde Szabó, dr.

Secretary of State for Sport

15-23 July 2019

Tünde Szabó, dr.

Secretary of State for Sport

Zsolt Csampa


Hungarian Fencing Federation

Summer in the city


This will be hot, one could say. The fifth. This time in a qualification year. In the middle of the summer. In the heart of Budapest.


Following 1959, 1975, 1993 and 2013, Hungary has the honour once again to host the most prestigious competition in fencing sport after the Olympics. The World Championships is what often turns upside down in fencing.


Even today, the fencing family pleasantly recalls the World Championships of 2013, which were promoted by a memorable campaign. Many of us remember the video where Áron Szilágyi defeats the well-known movie villains with his sabre. Luckily not only was the campaign successful, the competition raised the bar and brought new spirit to our sport as well.


The President and the board members of FIE, delegations and visiting spectators unanimously agreed about the outstanding quality  of the centenary World Championships that we organised in Budapest on the 100th anniversary of the FIE.


We will not settle for less this time. We see the opportunity of an even bigger shot and the progress should be clear not only to the athletes and the visitors, but also to millions of

viewers in front of the TV screens.


Indeed, I secretly hope that we will not be such an excellent host to leave all medals for the visiting delegations.


Six years ago we won a gold and a bronze medal in Budapest, but a lot has happened since then. Younger talents such as András Szatmári surfaced, Áron Szilágyi won a second Olympic gold medal and the immense efforts of Emese Szász rewarded her in Rio. I am certain that the whole national team are looking forward to the World Championships on home soil and I hope that many of our team will commence their preparation for Tokyo with valuable medals won in Budapest.


Let us spend nine impressive days in the fizzling, colourful and remarkably popular Budapest, one of the most charming cities of Central Europe!


We aim to welcome the fencing world and all our amiable guests with great enthusiasm and passion.


See you in July 2019!


Zsolt Csampa


Hungarian Fencing Federation



2019 FIE World Fencing Championships Budapest