Successful presentation in Milan


The Fencing World Championship in Budapest was also a hot topic in Milan at one of the most famous tourist exhibitions in the world. The Hungarian Fencing Federation (MVSZ) was represented by Secretary-General Henriette Tamás while István Iglói-Nagy, Head of Sports Diplomacy on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Jenő Csiszár, Consul General of Milan, gave speeches on the progress of preparations in Hungary. The event was also attended by President of the Italian Olympic Committee Giovanni Malago and Italian Fencing Federation President Giorgio Scarso.


The BIT (Borsa Internazionale del Turismo) travel exhibition in Milan has been a reference point for international tourism since 1980, with industry professionals arriving from all over the world. The Hungarian delegation promoted the 2019 Fencing World Championship on Tuesday’s trade day at the fair.

"The communication between the Italian and the Hungarian federations is outstanding and in Italy they have similarly serious traditions of fencing as we have. It was an easy decision to accept the invitation to Milan”, said MVSZ Secretary-General Henriette Tamás, who also gave a presentation about this summer’s World Championship in Budapest. “This appearance is not only highly useful from a sports diplomacy perspective but also in terms of popularising the Fencing World Championship, since professionals and interested parties from all over the world attend this fair”, she continued.


The Hungarian presentation also received recognition from the audience, while the dynamism and colour scheme of the World Championship logo has also been highly praised.

“I get the feeling that Budapest is hugely popular and that professionals in international tourism recognise that there is good reason for our capital city being so popular with tourists. In our presentation held jointly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, we endeavoured to show that the city has recently received many tourist destination awards” added Tamás.


The President of the Italian Olympic Committee and the Italian Fencing Federation were present at the Hungarian delegation’s presentation. According to the original plans, the Hungarian delegation was also to have been strengthened by the addition of Krisztián Kulcsár. The President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB) was due to arrive in the Italian city directly from this year's Winter European Youth Olympics Festival in Sarajevo, but his flight was cancelled due to a snow storm, meaning that he could only hear about the success of the Hungarian presentation after the event.


“I would have liked to have participated in the presentation because we have an excellent relationship with the hosts, the Italian Olympic Committee, and I with president Giovanni Malago and the International Fencing Federation, but I couldn’t travel from Bosnia due to bad weather”, said Kulcsár. “I spoke to Head of Sports Diplomacy for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade István Iglói-Nagy on the telephone after the presentation. I’m certain that he succeeded in promoting Hungary and Hungarian sport, and I shall be thanking our Italian colleagues for our invitation to the event”.

Kulcsár also talked about the fact that as a former épée competitor he only had a slightly greater insight into the Budapest Fencing World Championship than other domestic sporting events, but he is sure that Hungary will this year again organise an outstanding World Championship, just as it did in 2013.


“In recent years, the government and the Ministry of Human Resources have been paying great attention to supporting those sports in which Hungary is organising prestigious world events, meaning that organisers can perhaps count upon even more support than they could in the past. The World Championship is the most important phase of the Olympic qualification process so competition will be incredibly intense in all disciplines. Fans of traditionally strong Hungarian sports will have a very good summer, thanks to  Budapest also hosting the fencing modern pentathlon world championships and Szeged hosting the ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships in August, these other events also acting as qualifiers for the Tokyo Olympics”, concluded Kulcsár.



Introducing ourselves to the world


The Olympic qualifying World Championships that are advertised with the slogan “Summer in the City”, is a great opportunity for the capital and for the whole country of sport to introduce itself to the world – says Zsolt Csampa. The President of the Hungarian Fencing Federation talked about this during the press-event held in the studio of M4 Sport channel where along with Bálint Vékássy, Secretary General of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, representatives of all four sports participated that will organize their World Championships in Hungary during the next year: table tennis, kayak-canoe and pentathlon among fencing.


I hope that Hungarian fencing will exceed -both in terms of organization and in results- the otherwise remarkably successful Budapest World Championships of 2013 –added the leader of the Federation.

“Unfortunately our plan to organize the finals in the Heroes’ Square seems to be aborted, so all events will be held in the BOK-hall. The athletes feel that the Budapest World Championship is an important phase of the qualification series, competing on the home field gives them additional strength.” –said Zsolt Csampa about the venue of the Championships, who also mentioned that the Organizing Committee was set up jointly with the Hungarian Kayak-Canoe Federation which also organizes qualifying World Championships in the summer of 2019.


On the press-conference the protagonists of the upcoming event were represented by sabre fencer Anna Márton –who just won a World Cup competition recently-, last year’s men’s sabre World Champion András Szatmári, and the epée Olympic Champion Emese Szász-Kovács who confirmed what the President said:

“It is much better to start the preparations for the season knowing that the main event of next year will be the World Championships in Budapest. All athletes seek to compete in front of their own supporters. I already had the opportunity once to fence in the World Championships in Budapest in 2013, and I enjoyed every moment of it. I can’t wait to feel this again, and I will do my best to fence for a medal. Moreover regarding the individual World Championship medals I only miss the gold one; it would be fantastic to triumph in Hungary.” says the Olympic Champion.

Secretary General of the Hungarian Olympic Committee Bálint Vékássy expressed his view that it is good indication of the power of Hungarian sport that our country will organize World Championships in four different sports next year. He was also happy to notice that the National Media Fund and the sport federations have such a good relation, because –as he stressed out- it is very important to show a good image of these events to the world.

“The fact that these events will be held in Hungary, underlines for us that the race for the Olympic quotas is on. Advantages of the home field are a key factor in this. The supporters will create the optimal atmosphere, and we hope that this means an additional opportunity of gaining places for Hungary.” -said the Secretary General.

“For us, the Olympics already start next year.” –stated Dániel Papp, CEO of the Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund.

“Our mission is to provide coverage of all sport events -organized either in Hungary or abroad-, with a probable Hungarian medal winner.” – said the first man of the public media.

He added: in case of a Hungarian competition, our responsibility is even higher, because it is important to show the milieu of the event as well. Dániel Papp promised to broadcast the events with 21st century technology meeting the highest possible standards, on channel M4 Sport and all other platforms of the national media.





flashmob - With more than five hundred fencers


In Hungary, we celebrate World Fencing Day since 2015. This year, on the second Saturday
of September more than half a thousand participants appeared “on the pistes” of the Heroes’ Square on an impressive flashmob event to raise awareness of fencing sport itself and the upcoming World Championships in Budapest.


With Olympic- and World Champions, cadet and junior national teams and the youngest generations taking part, more than five hundred fencers –all dressed in white— popularized our sport and the Olympic qualifying World Championships.


Among others, two-time Olympic Champion Lídia Sákovicsné Dömölky, Emese Szász-Kovács,
Géza Imre, András Szatmári, András Rédli, Fanni Kreiss, Dani Dósa, Edina Csaba, Kende Fodor, Ferenc Hammang, Péter Szényi participated along with some of our top wheelchair fencers Amarilla Veres and Éva Hajmási, the junior World Champion men’s epée team, several head coaches and Gábor Boczkó, who conducted the spectacle in the heart of the city as the Sport Director of the Hungarian Fencing Federation.


National coach Gábor Udvarhelyi, Secretary General Henriette Tamás and President Zsolt Csampa were equally glad to notice that the presentation of fencing sport became a real tourist attraction.


“We conquered the Heroes’ Square. I am glad that more than half a thousand athletes popularize this excellent sport – said the President of the Hungarian Fencing Federation. – It is certainly uplifting to know that our best fencers come almost spontaneously on their own and with pleasure. It is also very forward-looking that many fencers of the youngest generations are present. The importance of fencing in schools is just as high as competing on a professional level. To me, this morning is worth a World Championship medal, and so is the fact that on our School-Olympic events last spring the number of participants grew to three thousand from previous year’s two thousand. This time we were also present in large numbers.”


After fencing, the younger ones occupied the best spots of the Heroes’ Square to take photos with the statues and with the champions of course. After some autographing session on this wonderful sunny day, instead of saying goodbye to each other participants said: “see you in the same place next year!”

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